When your car suddenly stops, How many things could be wrong?



There are less than 18 reasons why your car should suddenly come to a dead halt. Not all of them are due to engine malfunction. In fact, none of them are due to serious piston assembly problems.


All 18 possible causes are listed below. There is a certain order – from the simplest problem to the most complex- in which you should check them out to identify what is wrong with your car and decide what you should do about it. Check the list from 1-10 – 
  1. No spark.
  2. No Fuel in the tank.
  3. Fuel not reaching carburetor. 
  4. The fuel filter is blocked. 
  5. Loose battery terminal.
  6. Loose low-tension or high-tension leads.
  7. Sudden failure of contact breaker points, coil, or condenser.
  8. contact breaker points joined or welded together or with no gap.
  9. No engine on or pump failure.
  10. NO coolant or water pump failure. 
  11. The radiator hose burst.
  12. Broken fan belt.
  13. The thermostat is stuck in the closed position.
  14. Excessive overheating.
  15. Dynamo not charging.
  16. carburetor jet blocked.
  17. Fuel pump failure.
  18. water splashes into the ignition system.

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