When your car suddenly stops, How many things could be wrong?

When your car suddenly stops, how many things could be wrong do you know? A car engine is the most important component in an engine and each of the parts is interlinked with the engine. So maintaining all the parts timely will help you to figure out the problem. In this article, I will discuss the details of when your car suddenly stops, and how many things could be wrong.


When your car suddenly stops, How many things could be wrong?

There are 18 reasons why your car should suddenly come to a dead halt. Not all of them are due to engine malfunction. None of them are due to serious piston assembly problems.

All 18 possible causes are listed below. There is a certain order – from the simplest problem to the most complex- in which you should check them out to identify what is wrong with your car and decide what you should do about it. Check the list from 1-10 –

1. No Spark

If your spark plug does not respond well then the engine should not respond as you throttle. So, check if the spark plug is faulty or not. You need to check the wire also, the electrical signal from the battery to the spark plug is going through these wires.

2. No Fuel in Tank

If your vehicle has no fuel then the vehicle should not start and roll on the roads. To check the fuel just open up the lid and check if there is fuel left in the tank. Nowadays an extra amount of fuel is stored in the fuel pump but this does not help to start the engine in emergency times.

3. Fuel Not Reaching Carburetor

Check the fuel line properly. If you have a carburetor engine, then check the carburetor line. Wash the carburetor with time to get better results. If the fuel is not reaching the carburetor then this device can’t send the fuel to the combustion chamber.

4. The Fuel Filter is Blocked

Check the fuel filter if the fuel filter is blocked then you need to change the fuel filter. The fuel filter is used in the system to filter the smaller particles of the fuel. This system helps to send fresh fuel to the system and helps to generate more power inside the cylinder.

5. Loose Battery Terminal

Check the battery terminal for looseness. Also, check the carbon deposits on the terminals of the battery. If the battery line is loose then this can’t send the perfect temper to the spark plugs. This looseness can also cause damage to the battery.

6. Loose-low Tension leads

If the ignition coil leads are loose and tight enough then the engine can’t start or function well. At this time the engine should stop to respond. To avoid this problem tighten the leads with the torque wrench and also ensure the gripping is perfect.

7. Sudden Failure of Contact Breaker Points

Contact breaker points are the most important factor in the manual or mechanical electrical distribution system. If the contact breaker points are damaged while running then the problem should happen. Sudden failure will cause the engine to stop at any period.

8. Contact Braker Point has No Gap

If the contact breaker point has no gap then the distribution of the spark to the different spark plugs can’t happen with time. So, the gap is important between the two points of contact breaker. This gap helps to jump the electrons to the spark plugs.

9. No Engine Oil or Pump Failure

If there is no engine oil in the vehicle, so then the engine should not function well. In the beginning, the engine will operate perfectly, but at the same time while running the engine will seize. Also, if there are any malfunctions detected in the oil pump this will cause serious issues to the engine and the vehicle may stop at any point.

10. No Coolant or Water Pump Failure

Coolant in the vehicle works to cool down the engine while in running condition. The water pump helps to circulate the coolant throughout the engine. If there is no coolant in the engine and the pump is also faulty then the system will cause serious issues and the vehicle may stop due to the overheating.

11. The Radiator Hose Problem

If the radiator hose gets clogged or loose then the vehicle should get overheated due to the coolant shortage. If the hose is loose or broken then the engine will get heat due to the atmospheric heat. So the vehicle can stop at any time.

12. Broken Fan Belt

In most heavy-duty vehicles, this problem occurs frequently. If the fan belt is broken then the cooling system can’t work effectively and the vehicle gets heat. At this time the vehicle can stop and the engine can seize.

13. The thermostat is stuck

The thermostat valve is used in the cooling system. This cap or valve is used in the engine cooling system to maintain the engine operating temperature. If this valve gets stuck then the whole system will not get the coolant and the engine temperature will rise.

14. Excessive Overheating

All the points described above are interlinked to the overheating issue. If the engine overheats then the whole system will clog and damage the internal engine parts. At this time the vehicle should stop and cause serious engine issues.

15. Starter Motor Problem

The starter motor is the device that helps to start the engine at the initial moment. If the starter motor functions irregularly then it will send a stop electrical signal to the ECU and the ECU will automatically cut off the engine power.

16. Fuel Injector Jet Problem

If the fuel injector jet has a problem while spraying, then the need of the combustion will not be performed within time in the engine. Fuel Injector has the function to inject the fuel with high pressure and also help to atomize the fuel. If there are any malfunctions in the system then the vehicle should stop at any place.

17. Fuel Pump Failure

If the fuel pump fails while running then the vehicle should stop without engine damage. This time the fuel pump needs to be inspected carefully and repaired. If the pump does not operate perfectly then the system will lag with fuel and will cause the engine to stall.

18. Faulty Ignition System

If the ignition system gets water or the ignition system has carbon deposits on it, then the whole system will lag and cause damage to the wires. In the initial stage, it should start the engine, but while running it will start to stall the engine with the senor issue.


So, the vehicle can be stopped at any place without your concern. If the vehicle faces such an issue that I have discussed above then please visit the nearest service center and inspect the vehicle throughout. In the starting phase, this issue can be resolved easily.

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