How to Maintain Carburetor?



The carburetor should be cleaned from time to time in order to avoid blocking the jets and passages. For this purpose, it is preferable to use compressed air. Never use wire for cleaning the jets. Also check periodically for the lightness of flange securing nuts, starter fixing screws, main jet, and pilot jet. Make sure that there is no side play in the throttle spindle. 

Maintainance of Carburettor-

Make sure that : 
  1. The gasket between the fixing flanges is not damaged. 
  2. The spraying nozzle is not pulled out, it is press fitted. 
  3. The float toggle is not in an inverted position.
  4. The Pilot air bleed is not blocked. 
  5. The float is not damaged.
  6. Volume control screw taper is not damaged 
  7. The petrol level is not changed. 
  8. Jets and passages are not leaking. 
  9. The needle valve is not leaking, sticking, or worn.
  10. The float chamber vent is not blocked
  11. The acceleration pump diaphragm is not porous or assembled incorrectly.
  12. The loose glass ball is positioned under the pump injector. 
  13. The injector tube is not pulled out of the injector assembly.
  14. Injector is blocked
  15. Pilot jet seating fully.
  16. All jets and needle valves are screwed tightly. 
  17. All gaskets and washers are placed properly. 
  18. The filter is cleaned properly every 800 kilometers. 
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