Is it okay to drive your car if its smoking from the exhaust ?



The Exhaust system of a car is as important as the engine. The exhaust pulls out the harmful gases from the engine compartment into the atmosphere, so that the vehicle can stay safe and functioning. The good exhaust makes the engine nicer and the atmosphere clean. 
But somehow the exhaust makes the atmosphere polluted by releasing black and blue smoke. This smoke contains a lot of harmful gases. Both these types of smokes can cost you a lot of money on a daily run and also in terms of repair bills later. The causes of black smoke and blue smoke, I will describe today. 



Black Smoke- 

Black smoke means excess fuel-  It affects the purpose of a daily run. Also, it can lead to indigestion and is unhealthy in the long run. It reduces engine life and makes your car uncomfortable. The causes of black smoke are- 
  1. Choke in engine operation.
  2. The spark plug not functioning satisfactorily.
  3. Clogged air filter.
  4. Punctured or incorrectly set carburetor float.
  5. Worn out or wrong size jets.
  6. The needle valve stuck open.
  7. The ignition system is erratic.
  8. Incorrect ignition timing.
  9. Worn out, stuck, or broken piston rings. 


Blue smoke- 

Blue smoke indicates that excess oil is burning. It promotes heavy carbon deposits and shortens the life of your engine. Atmospheric pollution due to carbon monoxide emissions is another hazard. The causes of blue smoke are- 
  1. Excessive petrol mixture ratio.
  2. Excessive oil in the clutch chamber.
  3. The Crankcase oil seal is worn out or damaged.
  4. Worn out, stuck, or broken piston rings.
  5. Worn out cylinder bore.
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