What is Automobile Engineering?

 Automobile Engineering-  

Automobile Engineering, where the student studies the manufacturing, designing, assembling, and functioning as well as the scientific mechanisms related to technical. Students start searching for the best list of automobile colleges that will fulfill their dreams.Here I have listed down the top engineering colleges in India offering Automobile
courses (North Zone, East Zone, South Zone, and West Zone).

The Automobile Industry is now a growing industry. Many students think that automobile and automotive are different terms, but these two are the same in the field. This branch of engineering will never end because innovation for a better future will never stop. 

Automobile Industry- 

Today, of course, the automotive vehicle has become a basic necessity. Furthermore, the business of making and servicing automobiles has become one of the biggest businesses in the world. The automobile industry employs thousands of men and women directly. Also because of the enormous quantities of raw materials, such as steel, cloth, glass, and rubber, that the automobile industry uses, it provides jobs for millions of other people in related industries. 
Servicing automobiles is a big business. Thousands of cars, buses, and scooters are running millions of miles a year, and a tremendous amount of service is needed for them. Simply studying all about automobiles is not sufficient. 



There are around 821 engineering colleges in India. The biggest drawback is that 690 colleges are private, therefore only 123 colleges are Government. There are 3 types of affiliate programmers –

1.      AICTE – All India Council for Technical Education

2. NA AC – National Assessment and Accreditation Council

3. UGC – University Grants Commissions.

You can join this affiliate program by participating in JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and Gate, and you can now get direct admission on a merit base.    

Eligibility Criteria

Engineering has become one of the most popular
subjects of science to study, which gives student employment opportunities
based on their skills and merit. There are more than forty thousand colleges
and universities in India which offer students the to study in different
branches of engineering. The options for undergraduate courses are higher than
for aspirants who want to complete their postgraduate courses or

Diploma in Automobile Engineering: 

  • This
    course is usually taken up by the candidate directly after S.S.C or 10th
    grade. I suggest that the candidate can also enroll themselves for the
    diploma course after the 12th, this will be better for their
    future. The duration of a diploma in automobile engineering is three
  • The
    eligibility criteria for a diploma in engineering is that the candidate
    must score an average of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
    from a board that is recognized by the government. 
  • The
    student after the successful completion of the H.S.C exams can submit
    their application to the various shortlisted colleges of his/her choice,
    and the admission is based most probably on merit. There is also a
    Polytechnic exam, Student does pass and get their college based on the

BE or B-Tech:

  • Bachelor
    in Technology or Bachelor in Engineering is the undergraduate course taken
    up directly after H.S.C or when you complete a diploma after the
  • If
    you have completed your HSC and you aspire to study engineering, then you
    will have to attempt the JEE Main. 
  • The
    second variant of the Joint Entrance Examination is J.E.E
    Advanced for those candidates who want admission to any of the IITs
    all over India. 

ME or M-Tech:

  • The
    eligibility criteria to get admission to Masters in Automobile Engineering
    is that the candidate should have a valid BE/B-Tech or M.Sc. degree with a
    minimum score of 55%. 
  • Candidates
    should also clear the GATE examination with an eligibility score as laid
    down by the institution. 
  • It is important to note that some of the engineering
    colleges in India accept candidates who have not appeared for the GATE
    Examination. However, aspirants who are willing to get admitted to IIT
    Gate are compulsory.  

P.h.D. in Engineering:

  • To
    pursue a Doctorate in Engineering, the candidate is required to have two
    years of master’s degree in engineering or technology from any university
    or college in India or abroad related to the discipline. 
  • The
    candidate must acquire a minimum of 55% marks from the institution he/she
    has completed the master’s.


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