Downdraft Carburetor Motorcycle | Full Definition.

Downdraft carburetor is mainly used in motorcycles. We can see these types of carburetors in the BS4 models or BS3 models. This is basically a carburetor according to the direction of airflow. Today in this article I will discuss the downdraft carburetor used in motorcycles. 

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Downdraft carburetor motorcycle

Downdraft Carburetor Motorcycle



In the downdraft carburetor, the air enters the top of the carburetor and leaves at the bottom, as in fig (a). In the side draft carburetor, the air enters the top of the carburetor and leaves at the side, as at (b). In an updraft carburetor, the air enters the bottom or side of the carburetor and leaves at the top, as at (c). In a semi-downdraft carburetor, the direction of airflow is inclined from top to bottom, as at (d).

In most passenger cars, the downdraft carburetor is used. In this type of carburetor, gravity assists the flow of the mixture. therefore, the engine sucks it better at low speeds under a load. Higher volumetric efficiency of the engine is achieved. The location of the carburetor above the engine is more accessible for inspection, adjustment, or repair. The air entering the carburetor is cooler.


According to the direction of airflow, the downdraft carburetor is used basically in motorcycles. The other variants are side-draft, up-draft, and semi-down draft. In this article, I cover all the details regarding the downdraft carburetor. Stay tuned for further details. 
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