What is Oil Strainer?

The oil strainer in the engine is a vital component of the lubrication system. It reduces the workload of engine oil filters. In this article, I will discuss what is oil strainer, is and how to clean an engine oil strainer?


What is Oil Strainer?

What is Oil Strainer?

The oil strainer is simply a wire mesh screen. It is attached to the inlet of the oil pump so that the oil going into the oil pump is free from impurities. The strainer retains the dirt or grit of the oil. Usually, a floating strainer is hinged to the oil pump inlet. 
It is so adjusted that it floats at the oil surface and the impurities remain at the bottom of the crankcase. By doing so only a small amount of impurities go to the trainer screen and hence it has less chance of being clogged. 
Oil Strainer Diagram.


A bypass is also kept in the strainer to allow the oil to pass when the screen is completely clogged. In the oil strainer, the property of the filter is needed to be more protective for the engine’s better lubrication. 
The oil strainer is typically made of a porous material or mesh that allows the engine oil to pass through while capturing and retaining the particles and impurities. The oil filter is usually located in the engine’s oil pan, where it can access the oil before it is pumped through the engine.

How to Clean Engine Oil Strainer? 

The oil strainer-making material is not suitable for washing or cleaning. It is advisable to change it with the new one. In some cars, the oil strainer is situated at the oil pan, but in new-model vehicles the oil strainer comes with the oil pump itself.
So, removing or cleaning the oil filter needs the perfect tool for the operation. It is a risky and stressful job because the oil pump assembly is not so easy to open. However, if you still want to clean it then follow the steps-
  1. You’ll need a socket set, wrenches, screwdrivers, a drain pan, clean rags, and new gaskets or O-rings (if applicable).
  2. It’s also essential to have the vehicle’s service manual to guide you through the process.
  3. Before starting to clean the strainer please remove all the engine oil from the oil pan.
  4. Remove the oil pan to see the oil strainer or the oil pump.
  5. Dismantle the strainer from the system.
  6. Clean the strainer with the specific solvent or gently wash it.
  7. Left it to dry in the daylight.
  8. Re-install the strainer with the same process.
  9. Install the oil pan or the oil sump.
  10. Refill the engine oil at a specific value.
  11. Start the engine and see the result. If there are any malfunctions then replace the strainer.


Note- Do not use any pressure wash to clean the engine oil strainer, and also avoid the pressure air flow to dry down the particles. 


The oil strainer strains the bigger particles of the oil. So replacing the strainer is the best thing to save the engine from corrosion.
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