New Odyssey Hawk | New 2024 Model

New Odyssey Hawk has joined the Indian automobilehut to be in the race. The rapid rise of EV vehicles makes the company step forward with a lot of features and specifications. In this article, I will discuss the details of the New Odyssey Hawk Ev scooter details.


New Odyssey Hawk

ODYSSE ELECTRIC VEHICLES PRIVATE LIMITED is an EV manufacturer that has a variety of EV scooters in the Indian market. The range of specifications makes it a better option for students and office workers. The design is simple and the price of this Hawk is minimal.

There are 2 variants and 3 color options are available. The features over the price is ok. Also, this company is based in Mumbai, but in other states, this is not so popular. There are also other options available in this price segment. So, read the details.

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New Odyssey Hawk Battery and Power

The Hawk EV comes with a powerful 3.7 kWt lithium-ion battery. This battery powers an 1800W electric motor. The scooter has a minimum range of 70 km on a single charge but the company claims that in the new versions, it has a 170 km range on a single charge.

Odyssey Hawk has a top speed of around 60 kmph. This scooter can easily achieve a speed of 0-40 in just 9.5 seconds. The speed is not so much because of its power saving mode on the mileage. The distance it covers with the speed makes it a unique option for city riders.

New Odyssey Hawk Features

This scooter has a simple design with a low-speed motor. Odyssey Hawk comes with front disc brakes and a rear drum brake setup. This scooter takes up to 5 hours to fully charge. depending on the price it can go with the dual-channel ABS, but this has only a CBS system.

The scooter has additional features like dual forks at the front and rear spring suspension, a fully digital cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB charging port, a music system, an anti-theft alarm, all LED lights, alloy wheels, and tubeless tires, anti hill brakes, Regenerative Braking System.

New Odyssey Hawk Price

Hawk has already launched in the market. This comes with 2 variants Hawk Lite and Hwak Plus. The ex-showroom price of the Hawk Lite is 99,400 and Hawk Plus comes with 1,17,950. You can check the on-road price from their showroom.


The all-new Odyssey Hawk has launched in the Indian market with 2 variants. The price of this scooter over the specifications is high. In this price segment, there are other scooters available that give a wide range of features. So, compare all the things before buying a product.

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