New Honda SP 125 | New Model 2024

The new Honda SP 125 is coming onwards to the new year of 2024 with more surprises and color options. This could be Honda’s game-changing bike for the commuter models. In this article, I will discuss the features and the details of the new Honda SP 125.


New Honda SP 125

Honda is the best brand in the commuter section of bikes. The new Honda SP 125, comes with modern technologies and features, in a affordable price range. This bike looks premium in design and the extra mounting on the fuel tank makes the bike look like a Pulsar P150. The premium features and the color options make the bike a choiceable option for buyers.

This motorcycle is available in the market with 3 different variants and 7 color options. However, in the 2024 version Honda did not push any kind of changes in the Phase II model also. But the price has slightly changed from the previous one.

New Honda SP 125 Engine and Mileage

The Honda SP 125 is powered by a 123.93 CC engine, and in the future, it will also come with this engine. It will be a single-cylinder 4-stroke SI engine. It has a peak power of 1087 PS at 7500 RPM and a maximum torque of 10.9 Nm at 6000 rpm.

This bike comes with a 5-speed gearbox, that has decent power dividations. The torque generated by the engine is quite good. This bike can easily achieve 80 KMPS in just a second. With this powerful engine, this bike can achieve a 65 KM range with ease.

There is no doubt that the engine is fine and well-tuned. Well, look if you need more throttle when overtaking then this is not for you. Also, there are vibrations on the higher speed as well. But in the commuter section, Honda is the best in terms of engine durability and performance.

New Honda SP 125 Features

This bike will come with a lot of features in it. It will have a bright cluster meter, that will have a gear positioning sensor, indicator sensor, servicing indicator, bike side stand sensor, and many more. This bike will also be available with an external fuel pump.

The chain sprocket and the quality of the chain can be a little bit discussable in this bike. This bike will come with an LED headlamp, LED taillamp, passing switches, also with high beam low beam adjuster. Fortunately, this bike is integral with a combi braking system.

The best thing I like the most about this motorcycle is its fuel tank cowl. This update makes this a unique and eye-catching product. If you are riding a 125 model then this is the best update and you feel that aggressiveness in yourself.

New Honda SP 125 Price

The 2024 model of SP 125 will come with an affordable price of nearly 99,000. With this price tag, there are certain competitors like, Bajaj Platna 125, Hero Super Splander, and many more. It offers better prices and features with this price tag and has more value-for-money bikes.


The Honda SP 160 in the commuter market is the best option as it decreases pollution levels and increases its Breather-Cleaner new Emission System. This will likely come with this feature in the automotive market. If you like the article then please share.

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