New Hero HF Delux Electric | New 2024 Model

The new Hero HF Delux Electric will be a revolutionary EV bike from the Hero company. This electric bike will be a great step to grab the EV automobile market in the motorcycle section. In this article, I will discuss the details of the new Hero HF Delux Electric bike.



New Hero HF Delux Electric

Hero Motocorp is all set to launch its popular HF Delux in an electric model. If Hero Bike is your favorite bike, wait for the big news, it is coming. All of you must be tired of filling the petrol in your bike i.e. Hero bike. But the big news for you is that now an electric bike is being launched by Hero Company.

The main reason for this is to get rid of petrol in the bike. So, if you want complete information related to the HF Deluxe Electric Bike, this article can be significant for you.

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New Hero HF Delux Electric Engine

This all-new EV bike will be fully packed with the best mileage and best battery. Although the perfect news is not coming out from the company, some of the news is flying that can be caught. This HF Delux Electric will have a powerful battery that will give a range of 200km on a single charge.

The details about the motor is not confirmed yet by the company. The news about the battery is that the battery can be fully charged within just one hour, and in normal charging this battery can be charged in just 5 hours.

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New Hero HF Delux Electric Features

This new Hero EV bike will provide a lot of features in it. It has a great feature in that this bike utilizes its engine space for battery storage. After launching this bike you can easily upgrade this bike into an EV bike, replacing the engine with the battery.

The all-new Hero HF Delux Electric has additional features like a digital cluster meter, LED lights, a Single seat, an Engine kill switch, an Electric Start, etc. The company will give you special features like a battery and motor warranty for 3 years.

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New Hero HF Delux Electric Price

This bike will launch in the year 2024 and the price will be 1L EX-Showroom. The price and the features of this bike will be very useful for the customers.


Hero MotoCorp is a reputed company that has a reputation in the Gasoline engine market. In the EV section, this bike will make its debut in a commuter section model. All the future updates and the features of this bike will be discussed in this article.


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