New Honda Forza 350 | New 2024 Model

The new Honda Forza 350 is going to launch in the Indian market with an affordable price and exciting features. Honda is now going to launch the best and fastest scooter in the automotive market. In this article, I will discuss the details of the New Honda Forza 350 scooter.



New Honda Forza 350

Honda in its scooter segment, always brings some new inventions and models to entertain the riders. This time, in the year 2024 this company will bring the Forza 350 scooter. This scooter will be a great portfolio for the Honda company as it will be the best-in-class scooter in the automotive market.

The all-new Honda Forza 350 has already launched in the international market. It has gained popularity for the features and the looks it gives to the customers. It is expected that the demand for this scooter will increase in the Indian market when it is launched.

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New Honda Forza 350 Engine

The engine of this scooter in the new version goes 297 to 330 CC. Honda has increased the bore and the stroke length of the engine. This increase gives a power of 1.3PS and 4.3Nm over the Forza 300. This engine is compiled with the AMT transmission with the smooth engagement of the gears.

The larger throttle body and the valves make the engine better ventilation for the exhaust gases. This will help the engine to maintain its original quality for a long time. The initial speed and the overall speed of this scooter will also increase.

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New Honda Forza 350 Features

If we talk about the features, this scooter will give a wide range of features in the Indian market. As it has launched in the international market, some of the features will change and will come to India. However, the overall design and the graphics of this scooter will attract the riders.

The additional features like this scooter have an LED light setup, a comfortable seat with a height of 780 mm, a USB charging port in the glovebox, a telescopic fork, and a twin shock absorber setup at the rear. Forza 350 is powered by 15-inch front(120/70) and 14-inch rear(140/70) wheels.

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New Honda Forza 350 Price

This scooter is an upcoming model in the Indian market. This scooter will launch in March 2024. The all-new Honda Forza 350 will have a price tag of approximately 2.25L.


The all-new Forza 350 will be the best-selling scooter in the automotive market. Honda will add some new features to it. The increase in the throttle body makes the engine more refined and has more power. The other features and the details of this scooter will discussed in this article.


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