New Komaki XGT KM | New 2024 Model

The new Komaki XGT KM will be the best EV scooter and will be gonna launched in the year 2024 with a new model and new mileage. Komaki is the best company in the Indian EV automobile market, and always provides the best-in-class scooters. In this article, I will discuss the details of the new Komaki XGT KM scooter.



New Komaki XGT KM

Komaki XGT KM is a very good and affordable family scooter. The advanced features and the price of this scooter make this the best option for everyone. The design and the graphics of this scooter make this a unique option for everyone.

This EV scooter is a commuter section model and has the styling looks and the best mileage. In this scooter, one rider can have the best comfort and the riding experience. The speed of this scooter is not enough to make it drift.

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New Komaki XGT KM Battery

All-new Komaki XGT KM is powered by a 60V motor and has a removable 80AH battery. This powerful motor can give a range of 135-150 km on a single charge. The top speed of this scooter will be around 85kmph. The battery can be removed easily and can have the other battery charged at the same time.

The battery can be removed under the seat section. This removable battery helps the system to make the best performance model in the Indian Automotive market.

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New Komaki XGT KM Features

This scooter is a high-performance scooter and has the best mileage in its segment. This scooter is powered by alloy wheels and has tubeless tires. The braking bite of this scooter is very good and has the disk and drum brake setup.

The suspension of this scooter is comfortable as it has the spring suspension in the rear and the telescope suspension in the front. The additional features like this scooter have fully LED lights, Emergency Brakes, Automatic malfunction detection, Anti-Hill braking, etc.

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New Komaki XGT KM Price

All the New Komaki XGT Km is already available in the Indian market. It comes with 3 variants and has 5 color options. The price of this scooter is around 50k Ex-Showroom.


Komaki always provides cheap and best EV scooters to their customers. This scooter provides the best security features and has the best budget. The price and the features make these scooters a valuable option for the customers.

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