New Pure Ev EcoDryft Electric | New 2024 Model

The new pure EV EcoDryft Electric bike is now going to launch in the Indian market. Pure EV is an Electric Automotive Company that is situated in Pune, India. This bike will be launched in the Indian market at an affordable price and will have a competitor like petrol bikes. In this article, I will discuss the details of the new pure EV EcoDryft Electric bike.


New Pure Ev EcoDryft Electric

Pure EV is an EV company that has its popularity across EV bikes in India. Due to the rise of petrol prices across the globe, everyone is now switching their interests to battery bikes or cars. In this era of electric bikes new Pure EV EcoDryft Electric has launched in the Indian market.

This bike gives a wide range of features and has a commuter model similar to the Bajaj Pulsar 200. It is sold in two variants now. Embrace a smarter way to travel. ecoDryft combines efficiency and style for a commute that’s both seamless and sustainable.

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New Pure EV EcoDryft Electric Engine

This EV bike has a powerful full 2000w electric motor that gives the bike huge power and initial torque. It has a BLDC-type motor that gives a top speed of 75 kmph. A portable charger is given by the company that can charge the bike 0-100% in just 5-6 hours.

This electric bike motor is the best-in-class commuter section bike for power and mileage. This bike can give a range of 131 km range. Pure EV claims this electric motorcycle’s load capacity to be around 140kg.

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New Pure EV EcoDryft Electric Features

If we talk about the features of this bike, all the bike’s lighting setup will be LED and have a fully digital cluster panel. The design is sleek and has the single long seat as the commuter bikes. It has four color options. With front disc and rear drum brakes, PURE EV EcoDryft comes up with a combined braking system for both wheels.

It has additional features like Downhill Assist, Hill Start Assist, Parking Assist, Smart Regenerative Braking, Enhanced Electronic Braking System, Anti Thief Alarm System, and Smart Lock Feature.

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New Pure EV EcoDryft Electric Price

The base variant of the Pure Ev electric bike is priced at Rs 1.29 lakh(ex-showroom Delhi). The standard version of this bike will be priced at 1.29 lakh(EX-showroom Delhi).


Pure EV is a renowned company that makes its EV bikes in India company. This bike can be the best option as other bikes have a greater price range in the market. The commuter model and the sleek design make this bike the best for the customers.

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