New Revolt RV400 BRZ | New 2024 Model

New Revolt RV400 BRZ is launched in the Indian market at a lower price and has many features. The Revolt is an Indian company and has a wide range of customer family products in the market. In this article, I will discuss the details of the new Revolt RV400 BRZ model.


New Revolt RV400 BRZ

This Revolt RV400 BRZ has launched in the Indian market at a lower price than the Revolt RV400 model. Some of the features are changed in this motorcycle. This will be a powerful motorcycle with a decent power range. This will be a naked segment bike in the market.

Revolt is an EV company and this motorcycle has a range of valuable products in the automotive market. This naked sporty-looked bike comes with just one variant and provides three riding modes to the rider. So, then let’s read the all details of this motorcycle.

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New Revolt RV400 BRZ Battery and Power

This all-new EV motorcycle comes with a powerful 3.24KWh Lithium Ion battery that powers a 3kWt motor. This motor can give a maximum torque of 170 nm. The battery can charge fully in just 4.5 hours. This motorcycle comes with a fast charging facility.

This motorcycle comes with 3 riding modes, Eco mode, Normal mode, and Sports mode. This Eco mode has 45 kmph, Normal mode has 65 kmph, and sports mode has 85 kmph. This Eco mode can give 150 km, Normal mode can give 100 km, and Sport mode can give 80 km.

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New Revolt RV400 BRZ Features

This all-new motorcycle comes with just 1 variant and has 5 color options. The design of this motorcycle is aggressive and has the best-built quality in the EV segment. This motorcycle has an upside fork and has mono-shock suspension in the rear.

This motorcycle has additional features like a digital Instrument Console, LED Projection Headlamps with DRL, LED Tail Lamp & Indicators, a Lightweight Frame, Adjustable Rider Footpegs, and a Safety Stand. There are the battery girls are available for extra protection to the motorcycle.

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New Revolt RV400 BRZ Price

This all-new motorcycle is available in the nearest showroom and this motorcycle has the Ex-Showroom price of around 1.17 Lakh. The on-road price of this motorcycle will be different in different locations. If you want to buy an electric motorcycle then this motorcycle will be the best option.


The all-new Revolt RV400 BRZ has the all latest features and has the best design and price. The price of this motorcycle is lower than the Revolt RV 400 model. There are the other models in this range are Oben Electric Rorr, Tork Kratos, Ultraviolette F77, Odysse Evoqis, and Joy E-Monster.

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