10 Easy Ways to Modify Your Car’s Engine for Performance

For automobile lovers, the vehicle or the car is the main focal point. The engine is the main brain and the component of this car. Many car enthusiasts make changes to their cars for better performance. This article will discuss the 10 easy ways to modify your car’s engine for better performance.


Modify Your Car’s Engine

Modification is a good process if it is done in the range. The engine is the main component and the manufacturer makes the engine performance depends on the car’s aerodynamic design and overall weight of the car. Engine modification means increasing the engine power and torque.

When a car is made, certain points should be noted that the design and the overall car parts act according to the power produced by it. Modification means challenging those parts to work even at higher speeds and torque.

Before you make changes in your car make sure that your warranty period is over and there are no certain limitations. Because, during the warranty period of your car if you have made some changes, then they will cancel the free agreement with your car.

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10 Easy Ways to Modify Your Car’s Engine for Performance

A car engine runs on an Internal Combustion Engine and this motor can transfer the chemical charge into the mechanical work. So, one can’t change the power-producing methods but can change the components that can help to generate the power.

This change can also have an impact on the overall car, because if there are some malfunctions then the vibration can hamper the overall body. So, read the points before making any changes.

1. Changes in Engine Oil

A vehicle is made with a certain grade of engine oil, and this engine oil helps to move the inner parts of the cylinder freely. The use of Synthetic oil can make changes in the slipperiness of the surface. This also helps the engine for better heat take way.

Also, synthetic oil has the property of operating in different heat ranges. This engine oil can operate in extremely cold weather and also in heated areas. If the engine parts move freely inside the cylinder then, the power produced inside the cylinder can’t be wasted and will be fully used to drive the vehicle.

2. Proper Ignition

Ignition is the process where the combustion takes place and the power produces. If the ignition can be made earlier then proper and fast combustion can happen. Also, the ignition works as a scavenging method to better scaveng the exhaust gases.

If you change the ignition system coil or the spark plug then this can make a small change in the cylinder. This small change can have a big impact on the cylinder. Iridium spark plugs have a better rate of sparking than the other plugs. In diesel engines, if there are better fuel injection nozzles then the combustion will be done precisely.

The opening of valves at the exact time also matters in Ignition. A throttle valve needs to be open a minimum of 32 degrees but in some cases, the opening goes to 36-37 degrees. This causes engine detonation and the powerless happens.

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3. Changes in Throttle Body

If someone changes the size of the throttle body then this can give extra torque and power to the engine. The increase of power can be maximized to 10-20 horsepower, if too large a throttle body is used then the power loss can happen.

If someone changes the throttle body size then we need to change the size of the injector. Because the large size of the throttle body needs extra fuel to increase the power of the engine. But, make sure that your engine is compatible with the large throttle body.

4. Increase Compression

Increase the engine compression rate to increase the power and torque of the engine. If the engine compression increases then more power can drive the vehicle. If there are some adjustments made in the engine components then the power will increase.

Make sure to consult the engine builder of your vehicle. To increase the compression certain changes need to be made in the engine. So, check the engine completely and then go with it.

5. Reduce Friction

There are a lot of moving parts that work together to produce the power. If we make changes in the engine then the power and torque can be increased. 70-75% of engine power is lost in the regeneration of the power.

The AC system, extra engine power modules, and overweight crankshafts make the engine heavier to run and also suck a lot of energy. So, the engine reduces the engine cooling system, or the AC parts can produce more power in the engine and drive the vehicle effortlessly.

6. Reduce Induction Turbulence

By using a little component in the throttle body, someone can change the engine performance. In the throttle body, the air enters at a certain speed and this air goes to the chamber. So the speed of the air creates turbulence that affects the mixing of the air and fuel.

By reducing the speed of the air or the flow in different directions this small pipe can directly send the air to the combustion chamber. Also, the engine can generate more power by the heat present in the air.

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7. Right Size Fuel Injector

The size of the fuel injector affects the engine power. If we use a large type nozzle then the engine power can be lost and more fuel will burn. So atomizing the fuel in the right quantity and also making the perfect ratio is the main key to making the even power.

Choose the right size of the injector to make the power and also the size matters for the engine power. The nozzle size and the fuel atomization are important to make the power in the engine.

8. Dual Gate Manifold

The manifold is the gate where the air enters and is stored for some extra work. One manifold entrance can make the power just only for driving the vehicle. If someone wants more power then the dual gate manifold can help to increase the air rate and also help to generate more power.

Dual gate manifolds can also help reduce the pressure of the manifold, that why some high-torque cars use these types of manifolds for better power and performance.

9. Increase the Fuel Line Size

Increase the fuel line size to increase the rate of flow of fuel to the combustion chamber. This fuel chamber can help to find the exact value of the fuel and also can supply the fuel at high speeds. The size of the fuel line does not exceed the fuel flow rate.

If the size exceeds too much then the fuel line will take the air inside and the fuel line can choke. This air can also impact the burning of the fuel and the air inside the cylinder.

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10. Cylinder Head

The cylinder head can also impact the burning of the air-fuel ratio. The cylinder head has the combustion space to make the combustion and produce the power. Increasing the size of the head can also increase the size of the other components.


The engine is the main component of the vehicle, where the power is generated and the vehicle moves. So, changing the engine power and the torque is a complex process and can also impact the size of the vehicle. So, make sure that your vehicle is comfortable with the engine power and the other components are safe.

Make sure that a perfect engine technician does the engine work, otherwise, the engine can damage

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