New Kinetic Green E-Luna 2024 Price and Details

The new Kinetic Green E-Luna is a heavy-duty scooter available in the Indian market at a cheap price. This EV scooter can take an extra load than the other scooters in this segment. In this article, I will discuss the new Kinetic Green E-Luna scooter details.


New Kinetic Green E-Luna

In the launch of this scooter the Founder and the CEO of Kinetic Energy said “This EV Luna will rebirth the old Luna’s Legacy”. As a part of a heavy-duty scooter, the rear seat can be removed to make space for extra luggage at the rear.

This scooter set an example that a carrier scooter price can be a minimum than the other ranges of EV vehicles. There are a lot of loan options available to buy this scooter, and this scooter can also be ordered online, especially for booking.

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New Kinetic Green E-luna Battery and Power

This E-luna comes with a 2KwT battery which gives the range of 110 km in a single charge. Other variants come with a 1.7 KwT battery pack and a 3 KwT battery pack. The range of the model can be exceeded up to 150 km in a single charge.

The greatest facility of this scooter is this has a removable battery option, and also the battery you can carry is lightweight. Although the top speed of this scooter is not mentioned anywhere this scooter can achieve 50 kmph speed.

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New Kinetic Green E-luna Features

The great feature of this service is the removable back seat. In the old Luna models, we can remove the back seat to make extra space, this can be done in the E-luna also. The load-carrying capacity of this scooter is around 150 kg.

This scooter has additional features like a round halogen headlight, digital instrument cluster, drum brake at both ends with CBS system, spoke wheels, USB charger, telescopic fork at the front, and dual suspension at the rear, side stand sensor.

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New Kinetic Green E-luna Price

This scooter is already launched and will be available in the market from June 2024. The Ex-showroom price of this scooter will be around 69,990 rupees. The on-road price of this scooter will be around 72,000.


The all-new Kinetic Green E-luna is the best scooter that can carry up to 150 kg of load. The speed of this scooter is not so much but the load-carrying capacity makes this a unique EV scooter. The running sound of the scooter is very much satisfying.

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