What is a Rear Axle and Its Types?


Rear Axle and its types are discussed in this article. The axle is the central shaft on which a pair of wheels or shafts rotates. The axle is a very important component as it gives support to the wheels. So read the types and the importance of axles in an …

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What is Master Cylinder and Wheel Cylinder?


The master cylinder and wheel cylinder are the parts of the Hydraulic brake system. It is used to pressurize the hydraulic fluid and also helps to engage the brake properly. In this article, I will discuss the details of the master cylinder and wheel cylinder. Master Cylinder and Wheel Cylinder …

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New Hero Duet Electric 2024 Price and Specification


New Hero Duet Electric is the upcoming model from HeroMotocorp. This EV scooter will provide very good mileage to the customers and will have the best price in its segment. There are certain promises are made for this EV scooter. In this article, I will discuss the details of the …

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6 Types of Suspension Systems Used in Cars in 2024


Suspension systems are of different types used in automotive vehicles. The main protective effect the vehicle gets from the suspension system, and it also is the handling of the vehicle. In this article, I will discuss the details of 6 types of suspension systems that have been used in cars …

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How to Design a Fuel-Efficient Engine?


Designing a fuel-efficient engine saves your money on fuel and keeps the environment green. So the efficiency is more important than other factors. In this article, I will discuss the details of “How to design a fuel-efficient engine”? Design a Fuel-Efficient Engine The design comes under the process of manufacturing. …

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10 Reasons Why Electric Cars are the Future of Automotive


Electric cars are the future of automotive, there is no doubt about it. The rapid increase of automotive vehicles around the globe has a certain possibility of decreasing the petrol and the amount of crude oil. So, the best alternative option is Battery vehicles. In this article, I will discuss …

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