Read About the 4 Different Types of Wheels in the World. 

In Automobile Engineering, 4 different types of wheels are used to run the vehicle on the road. The wheels are important to absorb the shocks from the ground and help the vehicle run smoothly on the road without hesitation. In this article, I will discuss the 4 different types of wheels in the world.


4 Different Types of Wheels

In the world of automobiles, some wheels support and connect the vehicles to the road. So, using and selecting the perfect wheel is as much important as maintaining your engine. There are manual guides or other documents that help to find the right wheel for your car.

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So, the 4 different types of wheels are-

  1. Disc Wheel.
  2. Wire Wheel.
  3. Split Wheel.
  4. Heavy Vehicle Wheel.

Each of these wheels’ description is discussed below-

#1. Disc Wheel


This type of wheel consists of a steel rim and pressed still disc. The rim is a rolled section, sometimes riveted but usually welded to the flange of the disc. The disc performs the function of spokes. The disc is frequently dished to bring the point of ground contact under the large wheel bearing. The wheel assembly is bolted to the brake drum. The hub cap or cover is usually held in position by spring clips attached to the disc.

The disc is often perforated with slots near the rim, which act as fans to blow air on the brakes. A hole in the rim serves to accommodate the tube valve. This type of wheel is simple, cheap, and robust in construction. It is most commonly used in heavy motor vehicles – cars, buses, trucks, and tractors.

Advantages of Disc Wheel

The advantages of Disc Wheels are-

  1. These types of wheels are designed well and have a fantastic look.
  2. Disc wheels are usually lighter in weight.
  3. Disc wheels dissipate heat more efficiently than steel wheels.
  4. Disc wheels are more resistant to corrosion than steel wheels, which makes them suitable for various weather conditions.

#2. Wire Wheel


This type of wheel consists of a separate hub connected to the rim with many wires or spokes. The headed inner ends of the spokes fit in the hub holes and the threaded outer ends fit in the rim holes, where mushroom-headed tubular nuts are screwed through the rim holes to tighten the spokes.

All the spokes must be of the correct length and at the correct tension to hold the rim, centrally around the hub. The spokes do not stick straight out as radii from the hub, but alternate spokes are screwed to slope forwards and backward toward the rim. This arrangement of spokes serves the special purpose of the wheel. The forward-sloping spokes absorb braking torque and the rearward-sloping spokes convey driving torque.

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The holes in the hub are arranged in inner and outer rows so that one set of spokes slopes toward the rim from the outer row of the hub and the other set slopes outwards to the rim from the inner row of the hub. These sideways inclinations of the spokes hold the wheel upright against covering loads and side thrusts. A rubber chafing band is fitted in the well of the rim to keep the tube touching the spoke nuts.

The tension of the spokes may be tested, when the wheel is free of load, by tapping them, which should produce an equal ring from each spoke. The wire wheels allow free circulation of air around the brake drum. They are lighter in weight than other types of wheels and are used in light motor vehicles – racing cars, scooters, and motorcycles.

Advantages of Wire Wheels

The advantages of wire wheels are-

  1. Wire wheels are the types of wheels that are lighter and used in various cars in the mid 19’s.
  2. The design of wire wheels allows for better ventilation, aiding in heat dissipation during braking.
  3. Like alloy wheels, wire wheels offer customization opportunities.
  4. Wire wheels can be more flexible than rigid alloy or steel wheels, providing a smoother ride over uneven surfaces.

#3. Split Wheel


The split wheel is made in the form of two dishes that fit back to back and are clamped by a separate outer ring of studs and nuts. The flanges of the discs thus give seating for the type and clamp on the beads. A thick section rubber ring is sometimes fitted in the gap between the two beads. The main advantage of a split wheel is that the type may be easily taken out of the wheel by unscrewing the nuts and separating the two discs.

Advantages of Split Wheel

The advantages of Split Wheels are-

  1. One of the main advantages of split wheels is that they allow for quicker and easier tire replacement.
  2. These types of wheels are used in customized vehicles for better running conditions.
  3. In case of tire damage or punctures, repairing or replacing a tire on a split wheel can be more cost-effective.
  4. The split design provides easy access to the inside of the wheel, allowing for thorough inspection and maintenance of components such as brakes and hub assemblies.

#4. Heavy vehicle Wheel


The heavy vehicle wheels are made in the same way as the disc wheels but a much thicker plate is used. To lighten the wheel and also to increase airflow to the brake drum, large holes are made around the disc. The wheel nut recesses are usually machined instead of being embossed. In the case of twin rear wheels, the inner wheel may have a longer valve stem to reach through the outer wheel for ease of inflation and pressure check.

Advantages of Heavy Vehicle Wheel

The advantages of heavy vehicle wheels are-

  1. These wheels are built to be highly durable, and capable of withstanding the stresses and strains of prolonged and frequent use, especially in challenging road and weather conditions.
  2. Due to their robust construction, heavy-duty wheels tend to have a longer lifespan compared to wheels on lighter vehicles, reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance.
  3. These types of wheels are versatile and can be adapted to different types of vehicles and applications, from long-haul trucks to buses and construction vehicles.
  4. These types of wheels are often equipped with safety features, such as reinforced materials and design elements, to ensure the structural integrity of the wheel under heavy loads and challenging conditions.

Conclusion on Types of Wheels

Different types of wheels are used in automobile vehicles to run on the road. Depending on the vehicle design and the load capacity the wheels are selected accordingly. In this article, I have listed the 4 different types of wheels and the advantages of using the wheels.


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