New Hero Electric NYX | New 2024 Model

New Hero Electric NYX is a new heavy-duty electric scooter from HeroMocorp. It will be a heavy-duty scooter from the Hero company and this scooter will provide services to small business owners. In this article, I will discuss the details of the new Hero Electric NYX scooter.


New Hero Electric NYX

If you need a heavy-duty electric scooter, this is the best option. In this scooter, the battery and the motor are potent and have a long ride range. The price and the specification of this scooter make the customers comfortable to buy this product.

HeroMotocorp is a company that brings new inventions to its customers. The price and the specification of this scooter will allow business owners to use this as a heavy-duty vehicle. This has a split seat setup that can be removed to add some holding buckets to it.

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New Hero Electric NYX Battery and Power

This is a heavy-duty scooter and has the best-in-class range and power. This is powered up with a 51.2/30Ah dual-battery pack, which is lithium-ion. This has a powerful Hub-type electric motor, that can produce 1.35kW of peak power. This battery can charge in just 4-5 hours.

The all-new Hero Electric NYX has a range of 160km on a single charge. The battery also supports fast charging. This scooter has a top speed of 42kmph. This electric motor can produce a high torque that can easily carry loads on it.

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New Hero Electric NYX features

This Electric scooter is used for heavy-duty operations. The design of this scooter is simple and has a split seat setup in it. This split seat can be removed to add some other stuff. This design is made only for the Indians. The suspension of this scooter is very comfortable as it has telescopic front suspension and dual spring suspension at the rear.

It has safety systems like alloy wheels, and disc brakes with a CBS system, and has tubeless tires. It has additional features like- apron-mounted storage, a water bottle holder, a folded seat, a fully digital cluster meter, full LED lights, Hill assist, mobile connectivity, etc.

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New Hero Electric NYX Price

This electric scooter is a product that you can buy online only, and have to register for it first. This scooter has the best price of 75-85K Ex-Showroom.


Hero Electric NYX is a heavy-duty electric scooter in the Indian market. This scooter has a foldable seat setup that can add an extra cargo box to it. This scooter’s price and specification give the customers a choiceable option. All the future updates of this scooter will be discussed in this article further.

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