Simple One Electric Scooter | India’s No1 Highest Range EV Scooter Launched

Simple One Electric Scooter is now going to be India’s no1 highest-range EV scooter. The high demand in the market and the reliance on the EV have increased a lot in the Indian market. To participate and beat all the records in the market, the Bengalore-based EV scooter has launched its highest-range EV scooter in the market. In this article, I will cover the details of the Simple One Electric Scooter that has already been launched.


Simple One Electric Scooter

Simple One Energy is the company that produces the Simple One electric scooter. This EV company has launched just one variant with six color options. This company is situated in Bengaluru. However, the company still works on the upgrades and uses the experience of the riders.

Simple one EV scooter is made for the range. They claim the scooter will give around 212 km range on a single charge. But somehow depending upon the rider’s behavior on the road, this range can be changed. Simple electric scooter looks very simple and the design itself is very lightweight.

Design and Looks


If I talk about the looks and the design of this scooter, I recently have been in Bengaluru, and I have tested it from the front. In terms of looks and design of this model, the headlight itself looks like eyes, and the DRLS is also integrated with the body.

Honestly, some of the headlight features are inspired by pop culture and Batman. The tires are also tubeless and the rims are colored red that look attractive. The scooter does not have a lot of graphics inbuilt. It has a dual telescopic fork at the front, whereas in the Ola bikes, you will get a single telescopic, which also has the chance of breaking down.

The footboard is flat, and the foot is positioned very well. This scooter has a rear swing arm and a single mono shock at the rear. This also helps in cutting the overall weight of the scooter. This has rear grab rails and integrated rear LED DRLS.

Battery and Power


The simple one has a 5kWt battery whereas in the Ola S1 pro, you get the 4kWt battery setup. The scooter has an 8500W PMSM Motor, which makes 11.9 HP and 72 nm of torque. That is quite an impressive number. This scooter has 4 modes- Eco, ride, sport, and sonic. All the modes are selected by the switches. In the sonic mode, the scooter archives the top speed.

When it goes to the top speed the scooter does not produce the loud sound from the motor. The power it gives is impressive and the throttle response is also good. The aerodynamics of the scooter is also very good and it gives a very decent riding experience.



Talking about the features of this model this has a telescopic fork at the front and rear mono-shock. The scooter comes with the CBS system and on both wheels, it has disc brakes. When you ride the scooter this will feel very comfortable for its long pillion seat also. The braking bite is also good. The scooter comes with a Regenerative braking system, which means whenever you take off the hand from the accelerator the scooter will give you resistance which is quite impressive.

Simple one electric scooter has a 7″ TFT display where you find navigation, turn-by-turn indication, ride selection, Bluetooth connectivity, trip meter, calling and messaging alert, and other important data. However, the display and the software of the scooter are in beta testing, some of the features are not working like navigation, and calling features, and also the mobile connectivity needs degradation.

Simple One Electric Scooter Price and Availability


The biggest drawback of this scooter is it is only available in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The scooter is not also deliverable in the other cities of Karnataka. However, this is under test and all the Bengaluru people are having issues with the connectivity features.

The company itself does not make any strong statement to give this scooter to all the states. But we can see the simple one to be available from October to December 2024. In Bengaluru, the price of the scooter is near about 1.5 lakh. If this scooter takes the roll on the other states also then the price could change to a bit higher.

Ending Up With

Simple One is a very good range scooter that offers a wide range of features. However, the beta testing model has a lot of problems. This scooter is also available in the Bengaluru city only. If you think that this scooter will roll on the market then the biggest competitor will be the Ola S1 Pro, and also under 1.5 lakh now Ola has the highest range and has many advanced features.

If this model starts to roll in the market then I will let you know through my website. Thank you for reading.

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