New E2W Activa | New 2024 Model. 

The new E2W Activa will be launched in the Indian automotive market at a great price and will compete with the Ola scooters. The Bajaj Chetak company will launch this product in this running year. In this article, I will discuss the details of this new E2W Activa scooter.


New E2W Activa

Bajaj Chetak is a revolutionary company that always brings some good news to its customers. This company always produces new and innovative gadgets to entertain its customers. This time the company brings the E2W scooter which is gonna to be a cost-efficient Electric scooter for everyone.

Bajaj Chetak Urban is a renowned company, and this company always provides us with good and budget-friendly pieces of stuff for their customers. However this company is not very old, but it has the guts to compete with the big bulls in the market. So, let’s talk about the features.

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New E2W Acitva Power and Battery

This scooter will be the best option for the students or the housewife. This stylish scooter comes with a powerful 3.2kW lithium-ion battery. This battery can give a mileage of around 128 km on a single charge. The top speed of this scooter will be around 80 kmph.

For those who want an alternative option, this scooter can also be equipped with a 2.2kW battery that will give a decent mileage and speed. If you want to save some extra money on it then this feature will be the best.

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New E2W Activa Features

Bajaj Chetak Urban brings some new and innovative ideas to their customers. This new version of this E2W will complete all the new requirements of the customers. This scooter will have a decent look and design. The suspension and the seat comfort make the riders comfortable to ride.

This all-new E2W Activa will loaded with some extra features like a tire pressure sensor, electric start, mobile connectivity, remote lock system, monitoring system, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. This scooter provides all the modern-day facilities to its riders.

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New E2W Activa Price

This new scooter will launch on January 9th, 2024. The price of this scooter is not disclosed yet by the dealer but we can assume this scooter will have a price of 1.5L Ex-Showroom. This scooter is all set to launch in the Indian Automotive market and the price will be declared soon by the company.


The all-new E2W Activa is a revolutionary product by the Baja Chetak company and will rule the market after launching. This scooter will have the cutting-edge technology and have the best features in it. The price of this scooter is not disclosed yet but this scooter will be launched on January 9, 2024. The other details regarding this scooter will be discussed later.


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