New TVS Rider 125 Flex Fuel Version | New 2024 Model

The new TVS Rider 125 Flex Fuel Version was unveiled at the Bharat Mobility Show. The announcement has done with the new version of this motorcycle.  Some of the techniques will be the same but there are some changes in the engine. So, read the details of the flex-fuel version of this motorcycle in this article.


New TVS Rider 125 Flex Fuel Version

TVS has recently reviewed its new model for the automobile enthusiast. The new version of the Rider comes with the ethanol fuel and has the new color options. Now this motorcycle is available in the market with new color options and graphics.

In the Bharat Mobility Show, the version of the flex-fuel was revealed by the TVS. This motorcycle supports 85% of Ethanol fuel and has degradation in the engine. Although the engine power and the displacement are the same. So read the details of this new motorcycle.

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New TVS Rider 125 Flex Fuel Version Engine

This all-new motorcycle has the old engine power and torque. The engine has a 124.8cc air-oil cooled single-cylinder fuel-injected engine. This powerful engine can generate 11.2 hp power at 7500 RPM and 11.2 nm torque at 6000 RPM.

The engine has the biggest upgrade of Flex Fuel compatibility. The flex fuel can blend with the petrol and give power to the engine. The bledation of the organic fuel ratio is 85/15. So, the price of the fuel will be lower than the other 20% ethanol fuel. This is a step to the next generation of greenery.

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New TVS Rider 125 Flex Fuel Version Features

All the features are the same in this motorcycle as the old version we get. Some basic changes are done like new color options are available with blue, green, and white color combinations with graphics. This new version has the smart X connect, that can connect the mobile with the motorcycle.

The other features of this motorcycle are, LED headlights and turn indicators, Digital instrumental cluster, Single-channel ABS, Engine kill switch, Helmet Attention Indication, Side Stand Indication with Engine Cut Off, Toe Gear Shift, Auto Idle Start Stop Technology, Ride Modes –shoot, Wider Swing Arm, Engine Guard, Unique 3-Valve Engine with ISG Silent Start, Eco-Thrust Fuel Injection Technology.

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New TVS Rider 125 Flex Fuel Version Price

This motorcycle has the highest probability of launching in the Indian market with an ex-showroom price of 97K. The exact date of launching of this motorcycle will be discussed later.


The all-new TVS Rider 125 Flex Fuel Version has been revealed in the automobile expo. This motorcycle supports the 85% plantation of ethanol to the petrol. This model is under progress though, but the probability is high of launching this motorcycle in the market.

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