7 Different Types of Shock Absorbers Used in Motorcycles

Different types of Shock Absorbers are used in Motorcycles to give a better riding experience. Shock absorbers are used in the motorcycle to take the excess shock from the roads and provide a better riding experience. In this article, I will discuss the 7 different shock absorbers used in motorcycles.


What is a Shock Absorber?

As per the name shock absorbers are the component used in automobile vehicles to take the road shocks and help to provide better driving. So, the shock absorbers are important as they give the vehicle overall stability.

Shock absorbers change the kinetic motion into heat energy, Which acts on the friction or hydraulic fluid pressure. When the vehicle hits any bumpers or potholes the parts of the suspension system expand and the action of smooth synchronization makes the riding comfortable.

If there are no shock absorbers then the movement of the steering will not be sufficient. The tire will wear rapidly. So, it is better to keep the vehicle in a single direction. Especially in the corner movements these shock absorbers also help to control the movement or the travel length of the wheel. Thus it also helps to keep the traction and gives the overall driving comfort.

So, now read the 7 different types of shock absorbers used in the motorcycle for better riding.

7 Different Types of Shock Absorbers Used in Motorcycles

These types of shock absorbers serve the same purpose but the design makes it different. Different designs have different types of shock absorbers. So here are the 7 types-

  1. Hydraulic shock absorber
  2. Gas-charged shock absorber
  3. Mono-shock absorbers
  4. Progressive shock absorber
  5. Air shock absorber
  6. Electronically adjustable shock absorber
  7. Manual adjustable shock absorber

These are the common types of shock absorbers used in automobile motorcycles. So read all the details of these types of shock absorbers.

Hydraulic Shock Absorber


The hydraulic shock absorber is one type of suspension system that uses hydraulic oil to absorb the shock. From commuter section motorcycles to racing motorcycles this is used to achieve the best riding experience. This system uses a tube that contains hydraulic fluid.

In this system, the piston is used to compress the fluid and this compression helps to adjust the length according to the pothole or bumpers. When the motorcycle hits the bumper the piston goes up and down and the hydraulic fluid is used to oscillate the suspension.

This type of system is simple and used in various types of motorcycles. You can see many bikes around you that have tubes in front, that connect the wheel with the Handle. That is the conventional hydraulic shock absorber.

Gas-charged Shock Absorber


The gas-charged shock absorber is also one type of hydraulic system that uses oil and gas. This system is more efficient than a conventional system of hydraulic. The cost of this system is higher, a few motorcycle uses this system for operation.

A piston is used in this system for operation. The piston compresses the gas which helps to keep a constant pressure when it starts to change the length. This time the hydraulic oil takes place underneath the piston and helps the reuting system precisely.

Gas-charged shock absorbers are used in the performance motorcycles like Racing bikes, and off-road bikes, where the length of the wheel to the body needs to be maintained fast and effectively. Commonly used motorcycles do not need this type of system.

Mono-shock Absorbers


Mono-shock absorbers are special because they take up less space and are light in weight. This type of system also gives the driver to adjust the height of the motorcycle, by adjusting the tension level. This is found in the rear section of the motorcycle where the whole chassis is connected to the box arm.

In the Ola scooters, the single tube type mono shock absorbers are used in the front for cost-cutting of the scooter. But in the front, it has the biggest disadvantage that when you are in a pothole or a sudden braking condition, it can easily break. Some Ola riders repeatedly complained about the breakdown of this suspension.

But in the rear section, it comes with the spring on the stud connected to the adjustable rod. These springs are made of alloy materials and help to keep the wheel on the road. Also, the adjustment can help the overall process a suitable option for the small height persons.

Most of the recent day motorcycle uses this mono-shock absorber, as it is lightweight and the center line installation makes this a good aerodynamic product. During aggressive riding, or in the braking condition this helps a lot by absorbing most of the road shock.

Progressive Shock Absorber

This is not a traditional shock absorber. Progressive shock absorber uses the damping method as resistance to road shocks. This system helps to control the riding experience depending on the load and the speed of the motorcycles. In high-speed motorcycles, this system is used.

Depending upon the speed of the motorcycle it synchronizes its damping power. In low speed with a light load, it can damp the resistance lower for better comfort, and when the speed changes over the load it also changes its state and revolves progressively for a better riding experience.

This system uses the fluid to compress and adjust the length, but the tension of the fluid over the piston compression is designed according to the vehicle’s overall load. So, the customization is done before it takes its first roll on the road.

Air Shock Absorber


An Air Shock Absorber is a type of shock absorber used in high-performance motorcycles. In this type of shock absorber, the air is used to compress the air inside the cylinder. The air is pressed in the cylinder to adjust the length of the absorber.

Also, this is a simple and efficient design that helps to dampen the road shock easily. The air can be heated while being pressed by the system. Also, this is adjustable during the riding conditions. This system is efficient for high-performance speed motorcycles.

Electronically Adjustable Shock Absorber

An electronically adjustable shock absorber uses the sensors and actuators to adjust the length of the absorber. These sensors are used to detect the shock coming out from the road to the chassis, and according to that the vibration is controlled through the actuators.

ECU is the main hero in this system. ECU takes the signal from the sensor and this information goes to the actuators. According to this information, the height of the absorber was adjusted. Also, the resistance against the road shock is controlled by it.

Manual adjustable shock absorber

A manual adjustable shock absorber is one type of suspension system where the front and the rear shock absorbers can be adjusted according to the requirements of the driver. If the height of the shock absorber is adjustable then the pressure of the damping will be released fast.

In the predetermined height if the driver does not find this useful, then this can be changed for better riding. This is best for the overall riding experience. This can be of different types like springs type mono shock, tube type hydraulic oil system, or some air shock absorber type.

In high-speed motorcycles, this system is used to control the overall dynamics of the motorcycle. Also, the handling can be adjusted and perfectly operated by this system.


In a Motorcycle, there are different types of front and rear shock absorbers used to perform the overall riding and dynamics. So you need to know the type of shock absorber you use in your motorcycle. In the above article, I have covered all the 7 types of shock absorbers used in a motorcycle.

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