How the ABS System Works on Royal Enfield Hunter 350?

The ABS system works on Royal Enfield Hunter 350 as the other motorcycles. ABS means the Anti-lock Braking System, which helps minimize the traction or skid on the road while braking. In this article, I will discuss how the ABS works on the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 motorcycle.


ABS System on Royal Enfield Hunter 350

In a motorcycle, there is a high probability that this can skid or disbalance at any time. So, braking is the most important factor to make you safe while riding the motorcycle. For that reason, the ABS comes into play and ensures the braking of the motorcycle.

ABS is a type of safety feature that locks the wheel during the panic application of brakes. In an ABS the hydraulic brakes work. In the Hunter 350, the hydraulic system works as a brake and the senses are taken from the ECU.

On both ends, we can find the ABS. But when you take a shape corner, the Hunter 350 ABS can not judge the Weight shifts and the momentum, and this time the motorcycle can skid. So, while taking a corner, make sure you have the minimum speed to tackle the motorcycle.

Before riding the motorcycle please make sure that the cluster is functioning well. If there are any signals or the light is not visible of ABS then the system can collapse. For that, you need to carry the motorcycle to the nearest service center for better servicing.

Warnings for ABS on Royal Enfield Hunter 350


For better and safer use of ABS on RE Hunter 350, use both brakes at a time. If you are using both brakes then the stopping distance can be minimized. If are single brake is pressed then the brake wire and the hydraulic line be damaged.

Also, the handle racer of the Hunter 350 is not so strong, and this can be damaged over time. So avoid the front brake as much as you can. On bumpy roads when you press the front brake and step over the bumper then the front fork and the handle racer can be damaged.

So better braking use both brakes at a single time. Rear brakes are used to control the motorcycle and the front brake should be used to stop the vehicle properly. With the use of both brakes, better braking efficiency can be achieved.

Cautions of ABS on Royal Enfield Hunter 350

For better ABS use the ABS tone rings for inspection. Visually inspect the tone rings for any damage. Visually inspect the face of the teeth for any damage. If there is any damage on the disc then remove it for better braking. These disc teeth help to indicate the position and the role of the Hunter 350.

Visually inspect the debris of the wheel speed sensor. Clean all the dirt from the wheel and ensure better movement. Don’t clean it with the water gun, use the specific tool to remove and clean it properly. Also, check the hydraulic line of the brakes is tight enough.

The ABS brake fluid(hydraulic oil) is enough on the reservoir. If the brake is spongy then you need to calibrate the brake for engaging. ABS with the air in the line can create a big issue on the motorcycle. Also, check the warning light on the cluster.

Some’s and Do n’ts are discussed below:

Do’s Don’t’s
Check the Hunter 350 ABS warning on the dashboard, check the light is on and while running(after 5kmph) this light should turn off.  When applying the brake in an emergency condition, don’t release the brake pedal as the ABS is working. 
Please ensure the brake fluid is on the max level, and also check if there is any damage or leakage.  Don’t use the front brake only, as it can damage the brake. 
Always apply all the brakes for better stopping. Don’t push your braking in an emergency, ABS sometimes increases the stopping distance as it ensures the grip with the road. 
If the ABS warning lamp is on while applying the brake, or in the running condition then visit the nearest service center. 

Roll of Roll Over Sensor in the ABS

In the ABS sensor, there is also a sensor present in the Hunter 350, which is the rollover sensor. This sensor detects the angle of the motorcycle to the ground. If there are any angle changes with the braking then this sense will help to send the signal to the ABS module.

Depending on the sense of the rollover sensor, the braking on the different wheels is differentiated. In the Hunter 350 model, the ABS works on both wheels. So, the braking also works on both wheels and the braking is divided to not roll over the road.

So, what you not to do, you must ensure-

  1. Ensure the motorcycle is straight to the ground.
  2. Ensure the neutral lamp is glowing on the dashboard and all the gears are in a neutral position.
  3. Please ensure the engine starts well and stops on the static move for some time for better function of the systems.


So, in summary, the ABS is the main security model used in the Hunter 350. This ABS works as a single unit with the Roll Over Sensor. There are certain things like ABS light, hydraulic oil, damage line, and speed sensors that are needed to check over the times for the better function of the ABS.

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